As you may, or may not, have gathered my name is Justin Coleman. I'm a front-end developer based out of Austin, Texas.

My passion is in bridging the gap between designers and developers. My grasp of design methodologies, coupled with my experience writing front-end code lets me understand both sides and bring the two closer together creating a smoother workflow.

I thoroughly enjoy building mobile-first, responsive websites and applications. I have applied my skills in numerous fields including e-commerce, non-profit, big data and agency work.

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Here is where I feel my skillset is, in ambigious chart form, for a few selected technologies that might interest you. As you can see, I feel strongest in (and favor) HTML, CSS, Sass and jQuery.

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript

  • Sass/Scss

  • Gulp

  • Vue.JS

  • jQuery

  • Git

  • SVN

  • Bootstrap


The University of Texas at Arlington